Saturday, 11 June 2011

stillness is the move.

The memory card survived! So my camera is now up and running again. Only a few pictures this time, was a quickly-get-a-picture-before-I-leave moment; it's a not so colourful outfit, it's one of my "summery grunge" looks and it's just really comfy to be quite honest! I'm wearing my beloved "Florence & The Machine" tee, which I got for my birthday; I absolutely love F&TM, and Florence Welch has such good style, I'd love to have her wardrobe. I have a black body con skirt underneath, which you can't really see, but it stops me from flashing my knickers anyway. I've got my boyfriend's hoodie on, it's so so comfy and I often steal it from him, I'll probably never give it back this time. And of course, my rings! I wear my double fingered cross ring all the time, simple, cheap and goes with everything, sorted. Oh and my converse were an amazing find, at £1 from a boot sale and hardly worn! I really recommend going to boot sales, although they can be pretty early, hectic and most filled with junk, there is always the chance that you'll find a little hidden treasure from someone's boot!

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