Tuesday, 7 June 2011

beside the seaside.

La Redoute Blazer and Dress  -  Vintage Bag  -  Topshop Brogues

So this is what I wore when I went to Brighton today! I used the vintage bag again, I have so much love for it, and it really went well with my dress I think. My dress and blazer are from a French catalogue called La Redoute, which I've been getting clothes from ever since I was little, it has some really good finds. My brogues are from Topshop, I wear them so much I had to get them re-soled, but they're also my school shoes, so I wear them nearly everyday, but I really want to get another similar pair, or a pair of penny loafers, they go with so much, but until I get some money it's not going to happen haha!

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