Monday, 13 June 2011

day nine.

Hi, so forgot to post yesterday, but here is yesterday's picture. I went to a Conformation party yesterday, for one of my friends from school, but unfortunately the weather was awful and was raining all afternoon. To make matters worse, on my journey home, I had to do a 45 minute walk to get to the station on the pouring rain, but luckily I was accompanied by my boyfriend and my friend Ciara. It was a pretty long walk, but it's surprising how satisfactory it can feel after walking in the rain; when we finally got home, me and my boyfriend wrapped up in some warm, dry clothes, had a Sunday roast and them cuddled up in bed, watching a film. But this doesn't explain my picture. Due to some unfortunate incident, my lens protector smashed, and I'm not quite sure how, but when searching through my bag a found my lens cap was jammed and when I finally got it off, it was all smashed underneath, so instead of crying about it, I thought it would be a perfect photo opportunity for the day! Hope you like (:

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